Learn to code by doing!

Do you want to make apps? Games? Or do you just want to learn the basics?

With Reso Coder, you will get the skills you desire quickly.

Quick learning? How will I retain what I learned? 

When you are learning by doing you will remember so much more. Watching countless tutorials and reading books cover to cover isn’t going to get you anywhere.

When you “get your hands dirty” your brain will store this newly acquired knowledge in a different way.

Android Development (in Kotlin)

Learn how to make Android apps in Kotlin.

Whether you are a complete beginner in Android Development or you already know Java, you will learn how to make awesome Android apps.

From making UI to writing the logic of the whole app, Reso Coder has got you covered.

Making Real-World Apps

It’s OK to learn on simple examples but learning while making a real app is so much better!

Learn how to make a complete app from the absolute basics.

By creating a real app you will learn more than from simple examples. Making an app makes you think like a software engineer – not thinking about “how”, but also about “why” and “what” to do.

This way you will remember almost everything – because it’s you who made the app.

Learn Programming

Are you a complete beginner that has never written a single line of code?

Do you finally want to understand the code you write more deeply?

Or do you just want to brush up on your skills?

Do any of that with Reso Coder.

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