If & Switch Statements (Exercise) – Learn C#

This is an exercise for this YouTube video.

Happy learning and good luck!

You want to compare two variables and based on the result of the comparison, you want to do something.

What statement(s) can you use?


Assignment: Write code which will determine the sign of  a number.



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Assignment: Make a simple chatbot using switch statement.



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2 years ago

Hi am a fan of your work.I’ll probably be visiting this website like everyday.
Please could you make a tutorial about arrays.
And I will also recommend putting a few ads to help your business.

Matej Rešetár

2 years ago

Hello! I’m happy that you enjoy my videos!
Tutorial about arrays is coming up next in the Learn C# course.
Thanks for the recommendation, but I’m not planning to use this website as a income stream (at least not yet), so I think the “huge” amounts of YouTube money I get is enough 😀

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