RELATIVE LAYOUT – Quick Tutorial (Xamarin Android) (Code)

RelativeLayout is your best friend if you want to make a flexible UI. You can position its child views relative to the layout itself or relative to other views.   This post contains all the code that’s been written in this YouTube video. Main.axml


Classes (Exercise) – Learn C#

Yes, believe it or not, we’re already on the 8th part of this tutorial series. We’ve gone through the absolute basics like variables and loops and now we’re going to enter a brave new world: object oriented programming (OOP). In this tutorial, you will learn why there’s even a need for classes, how to create … Read moreClasses (Exercise) – Learn C#

LINEAR LAYOUT – Quick Tutorial (Xamarin Android) (Code)

LinearLayout is one of the most basic layouts in Android. It’s used to easily group individual views together in either vertical or horizontal direction. Linear layout is also very practical because it supports weight. This makes the child views “stretch” to fill out the space in the layout.   This post contains all the code … Read moreLINEAR LAYOUT – Quick Tutorial (Xamarin Android) (Code)

#7 Make an Air Hockey Game in Unity – WIN / LOSE (Code)

In this part of the air hockey tutorial series, we will add a win and loose situation (game over screen) when we hit a certain amount of goals. This means that we will be working a lot with the Unity UI, so stop wasting time and let’s go straight to the video! 😉   This … Read more#7 Make an Air Hockey Game in Unity – WIN / LOSE (Code)