Knife Hit Part 1 Featured 2

Make a Knife Hit Replica in Unity (#1 / 2)

There are many simple mobile games out there that are extremely popular. Knife Hit from Estoty, published by Ketchapp is no exception. Really, how simpler can a game mechanic even be?

It doesn’t matter how simple the mechanic behind a game is, the only thing that actually matters is if the game is fun to play! That’s what separates successful games from those on the mobile game graveyard.

The best way to learn game development is by studying and replicating the successful ones. This is what this tutorial is about. You will learn how to make Knife Hit!

In this first part out of two you will learn how to create the rotating log and how to hit it with a single knife. The second part will deal with spawning more knives, creating a game over sequence, working with UI, creating game effects (particles!) and more, so stay tuned for that!

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