Android Kotlin: Forecast App 06 – Current Weather View & ViewModel – MVVM Tutorial Course

We have already created a Retrofit service, WeatherNetworkDataSource as an abstraction on top of that service, local database with entities and DAO using the Room library and lastly a repository to rule them all. So, technically speaking, we currently have the model layer done. What’s missing to have a functioning MVVM application is precisely the ViewModel and the View.

In this part we’re going to implement them so that we’ll have the architecture all setup and prepared for adding a nice user interface. You are going to learn how to perform a lazy loading with coroutines in Kotlin, how to connect ViewModel to a repository, how to safely call coroutines from a lifecycle-bound component such as a Fragment and much more!

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Matej Rešetár

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  • Gourav Kundu says:

    Can you please describe lazyDeferred function in details and how the coroutine inside it works with the fragment.

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