We have already created a Retrofit service, WeatherNetworkDataSource as an abstraction on top of that service, local database with entities and DAO using the Room library and lastly a repository to rule them all. So, technically speaking, we currently have the model layer done. What’s missing to have a functioning MVVM application is precisely the ViewModel and the View.

In this part we’re going to implement them so that we’ll have the architecture all setup and prepared for adding a nice user interface. You are going to learn how to perform a lazy loading with coroutines in Kotlin, how to connect ViewModel to a repository, how to safely call coroutines from a lifecycle-bound component such as a Fragment and much more!

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Matt is an app developer with a knack for teaching others. Working as a freelancer and most importantly developer educator, he is set on helping other people succeed in their Flutter app development career.

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  • Can you please describe lazyDeferred function in details and how the coroutine inside it works with the fragment.

  • i m facing problem with kodeinAware on override val kodein by closestKodein() as i write above line of code i m getting error which shown below but this is not the case with you?
    can you please hint what the issue is.

    Missing ‘getValue(CurrentWeatherFragment, KProperty)’ method on delegate of type ‘KodeinPropertyDelegateProvider’

    Please Reply

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