Our new Flutter Education Membership is the key to successfully becoming a Flutter Developer! You now have the unique opportunity to join and start reaping all of the included benefits.

Unlike anything you've ever seen before

Flutter Education Membership is the first of its kind. There is absolutely nothing like this and probably never will be. The membership provides you with one big community of individuals who want to become Flutter developers from zero or simply want to improve and grow their Flutter skills. You will be able to connect with many other developers and grow your skills together. 

Multiple Tutorial Videos Every Month


You'll get the best tutorials on every Flutter topic possible. Think of the Reso Coder tutorials on YouTube, but much more in-depth, kept up-to-date, and with support from the tutor. Truly the best quality that you will only find in the Flutter Education Membership.

Big Community of Flutter Developers

"Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much." - Helen Keller

You will be surrounded by people with the same ambitions as you. What can be better than having access to other like-minded individuals? Nothing. Everyone in the community will help each other and grow together.

Lottery to Win Free Access to the Flutter Developer Bootcamp


I'll be doing draws and selecting a member from the Flutter Education Membership multiple times a year.  You will have a chance to win free access to the Flutter Developer Bootcamp.

The first draw will be happening this December!

Why Join?

When I first started, the odds of becoming a software developer were stacked against me. I was even at a university, but the vast majority of things I learned didn't apply to real-world projects. The information was either out of date or just totally basic. When I tried to find some more advanced information on the Internet, it wasn't there either or I needed to source it from 4 separate websites and "glue" everything together.


My learning experience was horrible. It took me a lot of time time to become a proficient Flutter developer but I have made it. The main thing I created Reso Coder for, as you have heard many times but I will say it again, is to help people learn everything clearly. And I'm not talking about learning just some basics.


Today's reality is that more than 70% of people learning Flutter don't have a job. This is when Flutter Education Membership comes in. Now is your unique opportunity to join while the price is low because it will go up. The best thing is that by joining now you will secure this price for a lifetime.

The Problem:

While so many people are learning Flutter, just a few have a job. Not so many people have the skills needed and the exact strategy on how to market yourself in order to get a job as a software developer.

The Solution:

To solve this common problem, you should join the Flutter Education Membership, where you will have access to new tutorial videos every month, a big Discord community, monthly live Q&As, lottery for free lifetime access to the Flutter Developer Bootcamp and lessons on how to correctly market yourself to become a successful freelancer or get a job as a software Flutter developer.

Reso Coder Since 2017

Reso Coder has been teaching since 2017 and will continue to do so.
The goal of Reso Coder is to prepare everyone for the real world of app development and, most importantly, to prepare you for a job.

Youtube Tutorials

With over 88 000 subscribers, Reso Coder is the best Flutter teaching channel right after Google's. I got to that point by providing the best quality tutorials you can find on YouTube.

Quality is the most important thing when it comes to proper learning.

Focus On Flutter

The main focus of Reso Coder is Flutter because it's the best for mobile app development. There was never a better time to start learning Flutter than now.

2022 is coming and with the Flutter Education Membership you have the chance to become a professional Flutter developer.

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