"One week into doing the Bootcamp full-time, I was interviewing with three companies. The community and weekly Q&A stream helped me get clarity on all my challenging problems. Two weeks later, I got an exciting job offer..."

Hey there! To celebrate being back with new YouTube tutorials and helping you become a highly-paid Flutter developer, I'm offering you a unique opportunity to join the bootcamp at a low price.

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Things you're going to learn in the bootcamp go way beyond any of the free content I've released on YouTube whether you are beginner or advanced.

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  • The median Flutter developer salary in the USA is $130,813 USD!
  • Google, Microsoft, Toyota, Alibaba, eBay, Ubuntu and many more are heavily investing into Flutter.
  • I personally scored a contract with a billion-dollar company, charging $150 USD per hour. 
  • Flutter is the fastest growing cross-platform framework supporting mobile, web and desktop from a single codebase.

Catch This Massive Trend With My Flutter Developer Bootcamp!

It's the ultimate learning resource I wish I had when I first started. It goes way beyond any of the free content I've released on Youtube.

Lesson Preview: GitHub Repo Viewer Module Introduction

Everything you need to succeed

no matter your experience level.

  • Carefully crafted lessons focusing on the real world of Flutter development.
  • Weekly live Q&A to make sure you achieve the success you desire.
  • Access to the exclusive member-only Discord community with me and other students.
  • All the upcoming updates included for free if you buy now.

The ultimate online training

for becoming a highly-paid Flutter developer

See What's Inside!

More than 30 hours of on-demand lessons and weekly live Q&A sessions to ensure your success.

This is how your schedule will look like at a normal learning pace of around 2 focused hours per day:

Week 1

You'll get everything set up whether you are a complete beginner or an already experienced Flutter developer. I'll show you everything from installing Flutter SDK to configuring your code editor to become a productive development environment.

This is when you will get up to speed with the Dart programming language from the very basics to advanced features.

Week 2

By the end of this week, you are fully going to understand how the Flutter framework operates. You will learn how to build user interfaces, manage the state of an app, deal with user input, navigate between pages, and more.

We will build a single app called "Randomizer" multiple times with different approaches, so that you are going to be ready for anything that comes your way in your Flutter career.

Week 3

We're finally going to start building the main production-grade app this week - Repo Viewer. This is a complex GitHub client app with all the best practices applied.

In the third week, you're going to learn what's the best way to architect even the most intricate apps and also how to properly begin working on a Flutter project (there's more to it than you may expect).

Week 4

This week is all about authentication with a remote server using the industry-standard OAuth2 protocol. We're going to create a proper solution for signing into Flutter apps, including secure persistence of the tokens, so that the user doesn't have to sign in every time the app is launched.

Week 5

Getting paginated data from the server, caching it locally, and showing it in the user interface - these are the things you're going to learn in the fourth week by displaying the starred GitHub repositories of the signed-in user.

We're going to create remote and local services that can deal with paginated data from a REST API, repositories, application layer classes, and lastly, we're going to connect this all up to a paginated list in the user interface.

Week 6

More often than not, individual features of an app are very similar to each other, yet they're not completely identical. It's no small task to properly extract the duplicated code and create abstractions without messing up your existing codebase. This week is all about proper code duplication removal techniques.

You're also going to learn how to add a beautiful search functionality into the Repo Viewer app, so that the user can search for GitHub repositories.

Week 7

Although Flutter changes the game when it comes to building user interfaces, sometimes you just have to display a classic HTML content in your app.

This will be also the case with our Repo Viewer where we need to show the README file of a GitHub repository. Among other things that need to happen for this to be possible, you're going to learn how to properly use a WebView.

You'll also learn how to consolidate data coming from multiple requests.

Week 8

Internationalization (i18n) of apps is a must in the global app market. There are so many ways to add support for multiple languages that it's easy to get confused. You are going to learn how to do it the right way.

Flutter runs on all the different platforms from just a single Dart codebase. Sometimes though, you need to add a bit of a platform-specific functionality. You're going to learn how to write a plugin for Android, iOS and also for the web using the proper technique of creating a platform interface.

Take a look at what you'll learn in the in more detail:

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Flutter is not just a mobile framework.

However, web often requires a different kind of mindset compared to building mobile applications.

Learn how to take an already existing complex app - GitHub Client from the advanced module - and make it run beautifully on the web.

Learn From an Expert!

Hey there, I'm Matt, the founder of Reso Coder.

I have been a Flutter developer since late 2018 when the framework was still in beta. Over the five year period, I've worked on numerous commercial projects building apps for companies both big and small.

From humble beginnings on freelance sites, through working as an employee building a crypto wallet app, to hiring other developers to work under my lead on a smart home client, I've been through it all.

Aside from purely building apps, I've also been coaching both individuals and big billion-dollar companies to become successful with their Flutter endeavors whether it be getting a job or fixing problems in a large production app.

I've also helped hundreds of thousands of people learn Flutter through my tutorials on YouTube and articles. Additionally, I had the honor to be a technical editor of the Flutter Complete Reference book.

Flutter isn't the first framework I've been working with though. My app development journey started in Xamarin Android and C#, then I quickly moved to native Android together with Kotlin where I built and released two native apps. There I also learned about the need for proper architecture and coding practices the hard way (yikes!). Last but not least, I also have a fair share of web development experience under my belt, mostly doing Angular and server-side Cloud Functions in TypeScript.

Flutter Czechia 2023

And how did I get into Flutter? Well, I've seen a video about it on YouTube and ever since I tried it, I've fallen in love with it. Frankly, it felt like a breath of fresh air. I guess what got me hooked the most was writing everything in just a single language - Dart - and not having to worry about XML or HTML & CSS. And the rest is history, as they say.

The amazing community of Flutter developers proves that I am not alone in this one-of-a-kind framework love story and I'm especially happy that I could become a co-host of the Flutter Warsaw meetup - one of the largest community meetups not only in Europe, but in the world.

I'm excited to bring you the ultimate curriculum where I have condensed ALL of my hard-won experience I've gained over all these years. The Flutter Developer Bootcamp is packed with both basic topics to get you up to speed but also with lessons focusing on things only years of experience can reveal. Simply put, I didn't hold back on anything in order to create the ultimate learning resource for becoming a highly-paid Flutter developer. 

It's Time to Become a Highly-Paid

Flutter Developer!

LIFETIME ACCESS to live sessions

This is not just a course, it's an online bootcamp!

Weekly Live Q&A Sessions

Your success with the bootcamp material is my success as a teacher. I will never leave you hanging in your learning efforts!

If you have any problems with the lesson content you just can't seem to solve or if you simply have questions you'd like to ask, hop on a live Q&A every week and I will answer them.

Member-Only Community

A strong community of goal-oriented Flutter developers is truly an invaluable thing to have access to.

Exchange ideas, solve problems you've encountered, build friendships and partnerships!

Also, if you have short questions about the bootcamp you want to ask and you don't want to join the live Q&A, ask them on Discord!

Don't Miss The Opportunity Called "Flutter"

Flutter is explosively taking over the cross-platform front-end market. It has been with us for almost 5 years since the first stable release in late 2018 and it has only been adapted more and more over the years. This is evident by the data on Google Trends but that's the least Flutter has to show for itself...

Companies all around the world are heavily investing into Flutter. And it's not only new projects that are hopping on board - apps which are already released and with millions of users are being migrated to Flutter as we speak!

Think about it - you already have an app released which is built in native Android & iOS or React Native. You've invested millions of dollars into that app's code, users are reasonably happy and the app generates millions in revenue... Now, despite this huge previous investment, you still decide Flutter is the way to go forward. Crazy right?

Yes, Flutter is so crazily good that companies are willing to invest a lot of money to have their flagship apps rebuilt in it. That's the story of Google Ads and Google Pay - two of Google's biggest moneymakers.

Sure, Google is the company which stands behind Flutter, so it's not really that surprising to see it used so extensively over there. Still, the migration or new development of mission-critical apps is not something to be overlooked. Google simply believes that Flutter is the future and they don't fear to invest millions, if not billions of dollars in it. 

However, Flutter is spreading like a wildfire outside of its parent company too! Even banks (which have a very strict criteria when choosing technologies) have chosen Flutter. The Polish branch of the Crédit Agricole bank has fully switched their Android/iOS native app to Flutter and Nubankthe largest digital bank outside Asia, now develops all new features in Flutter.

Entire teams are transitioning to building apps with the Flutter framework and companies all around the world are actively hiring Flutter developers.

Big players like eBay, Philips, Alibaba, BMW, Toyota, Square, and many others are using Flutter to bring their projects to life for millions of users. Of course, such massive adoption means there are more and more Flutter jobs each day, and this trend is not slowing down anytime soon.

Smaller companies are also finding out about the benefits of this framework, which opens up even more opportunities for you as a developer. From my personal experience, even non-technical business owners are getting increasingly more interested in Flutter and what it has to offer for their growth.

There are entire software development studios adopting Flutter as their main UI technology. One of the leading software studios building apps for clients all around the world in Flutter is LeanCode. They've successfully built apps for industries ranging from energy or food products to banking. As if that weren't enough, this is also the company behind the world's largest community-driven Flutter conference in the world to date, Flutter Europe.

The founders of LeanCode fully stand behind Flutter as the right technology choice for businesses and developers alike. Here's a message from the company's CEO:

It's Time to Become a Highly-Paid Flutter Developer!

The average in-person coding bootcamp costs a whopping $13,584!

When it comes to online bootcamps, they aren't much cheaper either - the average price is over $12,898!!!

I want to offer you access to this Flutter Developer Bootcamp for a mere fraction of that price. 

Just to briefly recap, here's what you'll get when you join:

Bootcamp Core: On-Demand Lessons

These contain more than 31 hours of content divided into 8 weeks, given that you learn at a steady pace.

Flutter is constantly updated and improved which means there's always something more to learn! Also, code that worked a year ago may now need a few changes here and there to make it run again...

That's why you also get lifetime updates of the lessons absolutely FREE of charge!

Valued at: $3148

(31.48 hours * $100/hour)

Bonus: Building & Optimizing for the Web

To be a highly-paid Flutter developer, you have to know how to build apps for any target platform. Android and iOS are the cornerstone platforms which basically every developer builds apps for.  Aside from these two, web is quickly gaining popularity for specific use-cases. 

However, web often requires a different kind of mindset compared to building mobile applications.

Learn how to take an already existing complex app - GitHub Client from the advanced module - and make it run beautifully on the web.

Valued at: $478

Bootcamp Extra 1: Weekly Live Q&As

There's nothing more important to me than make sure you are successful with the bootcamp material. I will never leave you hanging!

Weekly live Q&A sessions are the place to discuss any lesson content you just cannot seem to grasp. We can also talk about any other problems you have with the bootcamp curriculum. Just hop on a call and I'll help you out!

Valued at: $19/week

Bootcamp Extra 2: Member-Only Community

The saying is true - if you want to go far, go together. Having access to a strong community of goal-oriented Flutter developers is invaluable.

Exchange ideas, solve problems you encounter along your journey, get to know each other, build partnerships!

Aside from the other bootcamp members, I'm also online in this community as much as my schedule permits. If you have questions about the bootcamp you want to ask and you don't want to join the live Q&A, ask them on Discord!

Valued at: $97

Bootcamp Core: On-Demand Lessons


Bonus 1: Building & Optimizing for the Web


Bootcamp Extra 1: Weekly Live Q&As


Bootcamp Extra 2: Member-Only Community 


*when counting 8 weeks, your access is unlimited

Total Value:


Regular Price:


Previously Most   Discounted Price:


Your Price Today:


Have questions? See the ROI calculator and FAQs below!

Incredible Return on Investment

Investing in yourself can have massive returns. Calculate your ROI you'll get by joining the bootcamp with the table below.






30,081 %



26,221 %



24,044 %



20,021 %



15,996 %



9,960 %

If you earned the median Flutter developer salary in the US, you would get an enormous 18,668% ROI by joining the bootcamp!

You could easily pay back the cost of the bootcamp after just 1 month working as a Flutter developer.


Hourly Rate

Hours to pay
















If you charge hourly as a freelancer, you could easily pay back the cost of the bootcamp by working for just a few hours. That is actually less time than it took you to complete the lessons!


When does the bootcamp start and end?

The on-demand lessons are available to you for life, without a set start or end time. While all the lessons are immediately unlocked for you to learn from, I recommend that you follow the weekly structure of the bootcamp, especially if you're just starting out with Flutter.  I carefully prepared the division into individual weeks so that you'll get the most out of the bootcamp lessons.

Do I need to be available at a specific time to participate?

All of the on-demand lessons are accessible at any time you like. However, if you want to join the weekly live Q&A session, you need to be available at a specific time. I will do my best to hold the weekly Q&As at a reasonable time for everyone, no matter which timezone you're in. Still, even if you can't make it to a live Q&A or you simply don't want to join, you can write your questions on the member-only Discord community and I'll answer them.

How much time will I need to dedicate to the bootcamp?

You can theoretically finish the on-demand lessons as quickly as you'd like. I would, however, recommend you to follow the 8 weekly segments. I've split the on-demand lessons into individual weeks so that you'll get the most out of them. This is especially important if you're a beginner.

"One week" means that you're going to learn 5 days a week for 2 hours. Again, this is just a recommendation and you're free to go faster or slower if you like.

How much programming experience do I need?

While having some programming experience will help you with understanding the lessons more quickly, you CAN certainly join the bootcamp as a beginner. The initial modules Get Up to Speed with Dart and Flutter Basics will fully prepare you for the more difficult topics in the later modules.

This bootcamp is very much "hands-on", so I don't teach you too much theory upfront, although the initial modules contain some of it. Rather, you're going to learn most of the things as we're writing real-world code. At first, this may feel tougher compared to learning from isolated, simple, but ultimately made up and unreal examples, but it's so much more worth it. In any case, you can ask questions on a live Q&A and on Discord.

After all, you're going to be developing real apps in your Flutter career so learning how to write real-world code right from the start will put you at an immense advantage.

Why are you charging for this? All your other content is free!

I have created this bootcamp for you to become a highly-paid Flutter developer. I've condensed years of experience and research into readily-available lessons that you can learn from. The content of the lessons goes way beyond anything I teach for free. You also get access to weekly live Q&As and the exclusive member-only community!

This bootcamp has the potential to kick-start your Flutter development career. The question is, will you take the first step?

Is Flutter the right thing for me to learn?

Google, the company behind Flutter, sees a huge opportunity in this framework. They've already migrated many apps, including two of the biggest moneymakers Google Pay and Google Ads to Flutter. But of course, Flutter is not used only within Google... Big players like eBay, Philips, Alibaba, BMW, Toyota, Square, and many others use Flutter to build their apps too!

There are more and more job opportunities popping up for Flutter developers each day and this trend is not slowing down anytime soon.

What operating system do I need?

You can be on Windows, Mac and Linux to complete this bootcamp. However, due to the inherent limitations of iOS, you need to have a Mac if you want to develop native plugins for it - we'll be doing this in one of the later modules. Outside of this one module, the vast majority of this bootcamp can be completed no matter your operating system. If there are any differences between Windows and Mac, I always point them out.

What happens after I buy?

You'll receive an email with a registration link to instantly join the bootcamp, and start taking advantage of all the on-demand lessons. You will also get an invitation to the exclusive member-only community in which the weekly live Q&As will be coordinated as well.

How long will I have access to the bootcamp?

Once you join the bootcamp, you’ll have unlimited access to the lessons for life!

Your Flutter developer career

begins today!

Don't miss the limited opportunity to join the bootcamp and become a highly-paid Flutter developer at an extremely discounted price. Don't hesitate for long - the price goes up at the end of the week!

Bootcamp Core: On-Demand Lessons


Bonus 1: Building & Optimizing for the Web


Bootcamp Extra 1: Weekly Live Q&As


Bootcamp Extra 2: Member-Only Community 


*when counting 8 weeks, your access is unlimited

Total Value:


Regular Price:


Previously Most   Discounted Price:


Your Price Today:


Still have questions? Email me at [email protected].

I'm always happy to help.