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sent in an email on February 22, 2020

Protect your routes without the boilerplate 🔒

Preventing users from navigating to certain routes, for example if they're not logged in, requires you to create a custom router, check if the user is authenticated, do this, modify that... Argh! Thankfully, the amazing auto_route package arrived at a new version with support for route guards.

​Pre-built material animations 🎥

Creating good looking animations is hard. Even more so if they have to transition between multiple widgets in a smooth way. Google just came out with a new package which aims to provide ready-made transition animations.

​Load images in a visually appealing way 🤩

Showing "shimmers", grey containers or loading indicators takes away from the user experience of an image-heavy app. But what should you do then when images take some time to load? Show a colorful blur with the blurhash package!

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