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sent in an email on May 2, 2021

Widget entry animation šŸ’„

How do most of your widgets "enter" the screen? Chances are that they're all fully visible right from the beginning. To bring a bit more life into how widgets are initially displayed, check out the entry package. It's simple to use yet very powerful.

Validation rules for your app āœ…

The thing with data validation is that it's not that hard to perform on your own with just pure Dart & Flutter but finding the right package that you simply like to work with can make your development experience so much more pleasant. Check out the rules package and maybe you'll find it is the right validation solution for you.

DataTable with sticky headers šŸ’¾

If you'd like to use the default Flutter DataTable or PaginatedDataTable widgets but you don't like the lack of a sticky header, check out data_table_2! It uses the standard Flutter DataTable API but it's enhanced with a bunch of great features.

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