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sent in an email on 26th July 2023

Animating movement from one widget to another has never been easier ↗️

Are you creating, let's say, a shopping app and you want the picture of each item added to the cart to fly to the cart button in the corner of the screen? With the animate_to package, implementing these kinds of animations will be absolutely quick and simple.

Embed non-Dart files instead of reading them at runtime ?

When you want to read the content of a file, you need to access the filesystem at runtime, parse the content so that it's usable in the Dart language, and handle all the possible errors. But what if you have the file accessible at the app build-time? That's when you can embed it into your app safely, quickly and efficiently with the embed package and then have the contents of the file readily available at run-time without any hassle.

Spell check and grammar correction in a TextField ?

Basic spell checking is available by default starting from Flutter 3.7 but what about full-on grammar correction when you forget a preposition or mess up the word order? The languagetool_textfield package can help you with that.

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