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sent in an email on January 17, 2021

An animated drawer that will blow you away 💥

The navigation drawer is a useful thing for mobile apps but how do you make it stand out from the crowd? The simplest way is to use the fully customizable animated_drawer package!

Popover - a popup menu's cousin 📜

If you like the iOS style popovers which look much like Material popup menus but a bit different, check out the new popover package that provides a nice customizable API for easily bringing popovers to Flutter.

An alternative to Mockito's code generation 🍹

As you could have read in the last week's newsletter, the null-safe version of Mockito will utilize code generation. If you're not a fan of generating even more lines of code than you already do, you may be interested in the mocktail package from Felix Angelov.

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