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sent in an email on November 30, 2020

Packages for a simpler Navigator 2.0 📲

Navigator 2.0 is a step in the right direction by the Flutter team. The problem is that it's just too verbose and low-level. There are luckily packages already being created that provide simplifications. Flow Builder is useful for building things such as an onboarding flow. Also, the auto_route package is being updated to support the new Navigator.

Null safety now in beta ❌

Non-nullable types are now officially in beta which means that packages can now start migrating to being null-safe. You can also start migrating your own apps by following the steps outlined in the migration guide.

Scroll to perfection & reactive Flutter architecture with RVMS 🎤

The next online Flutter Warsaw meetup is here and together with it come two great talks from Marcin Szałek and Thomas Burkhart, both of whom you may know from the work they're doing for the whole Flutter community. Join us live tommorow starting at 7 PM CET.

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