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sent in an email on September 6, 2020

Chatheads in the Facebook Messenger style 👀

The iconic and very useful chatheads which the Messenger app offers to its Android users is now here for Flutter. The best thing about this package is that it also works in the background when the app itself is closed. Just as you would expect from a chathead.

Pinch zoom like on Instagram 🖼

The InteractiveViewer widget has been with us since Flutter 1.20 and now there's a package built on top of it which allows you to perform pinch zoom without any additional effort on your side!

Cache like there is a tommorow 😉

Network requests or computations are relatively expensive and they can also take quite a bit of time. If you can cache some data for future reuse, you should do so. With the Stash package, you get a caching powerhouse that works with multiple different storage options.

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