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sent in an email on October 4, 2020

Flutter 1.22 and Dart 2.10 🔝

It's time for a new stable version of Flutter and this time it comes with a lot of great updates. From more styleable buttons through better i18n to Navigator 2.0 and more. This update is packed with new features and you can learn about them from the official article.

Cubit: Advanced Topics 💙

Don't miss a chance hear Felix Angelov talk about advanced Bloc and Cubit topics live on the next Flutter Warsaw online meetup. You'll also hear about how to manage multiple Flutter SDK versions at once from Leo Farias. Join us live on October 6 at 7 PM CEST.

An editable table widget 📝

brand new package for creating customizable editable table widgets is now available! The package has a bright future ahead but it's still very young, so as always, be cautious when using it. 

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