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sent in an email on March 28, 2020

Multi-step forms done cleanly 🤹

Building forms is not a hard task in itself. The real problem is that it's repetitive and you often also mix a bunch of logic right into the UI. Form Bloc is a package which exists for quite some time and it's purpose is to make forms safer and also easier to build. Its newest version brings in many new types of form fields.

Community gatherings moving online 📞

Due to the recent turn of events, it's impossible to go and meet other Flutter devs in person. Organizers of Flutter Conf Paris (which has been rescheduled to 2021) are, however, not going to give up! Join the Flutter community on a FREE online Flutter Week conference!

​The sweetest bottom sheet ever 🍬🍭

Phones are getting larger and most people have issues with reaching to the top of the screen. That's why it's good to use bottom sheets! Spare yourself from all the boilerplate and start showing nice dialogs in no time with sweetsheet.

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