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sent in an email on December 12th, 2021

Release of Flutter 2.8 & Dart 2.15 🥳

This week, just in time for the holidays, the Flutter team announced the release of Flutter 2.8 and Dart 2.15. These updates come with some exciting and much welcomed improvements. Here are some highlights from the articles published by the Flutter team:

  • Performance improvements in areas like startup latency, memory footprint, and web platform views
  • Improvements to Flutter DevTools for analyzing and optimizing your apps
  • Improvements and new features in the updated WebView for Flutter plugin
  • Exciting updates to the FlutterFire plugins, such as a new and easier way to initialize Firebase in your projects, the release of the new flutterfire_ui package that can help you quickly and easily build UI for authentication and live Firestore queries, and more.
  • Constructor tear-offs are now supported in Dart 2.15
  • Improvements to enums

Fake Data for Testing & Prototyping 👨‍💻

Do you need to use an API for some testing, practice, or prototyping? Here are some handy, free APIs that you can use to generate fake data for your projects.

  • FakeJSON
  • JSONPlaceholder
  • Random User Generator

  • Free Background Generator 🖼️

    Want to add some extra flare to your app with patterned backgrounds? This free SVG background generator might be what you’ve been looking for.

    Free Avatar Illustrations 🧑

    Prototyping, designing, or maybe you want to give your users a chance to select a unique, illustrated avatar for their accounts? These free avatar illustrations can help you achieve any of those tasks.

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