Hello! This is the first post on Reso Coder. Everything has to start somewhere and Reso Coder is no exception.

When I first considered creating Reso Coder, I envisioned a place where everyone would be able to learn how to program by doing exciting and meaningful projects. By actually making something instead of just consuming content that’s going to be soon forgotten.

As I was constantly thinking, I realized that one has to have an incentive in order to learn. How to create such incentive? Obviously, the biggest driving force for learning is having fun.

I hope that by having fun while learning you will get better and better by each article you read and by each video you watch from Reso Coder. Once in a while there might even by some off-topic video or article (still programming / tech related, though) which will not be focused entirely on providing new knowledge but rather only on having great “geeky fun”.

I hope that each and every one of you will take something valuable and enjoyable from Reso Coder.

See you in many more articles and videos!

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