In the first part of this short tutorial series, you’ve learned everything regarding the basics and principles of testing in Flutter and also how to write unit tests together with test-driven development. In this second part, you’re going to learn a lot about widget tests and integration tests in Flutter.

VS Code Snippets

  "Flutter widget test boilerplate": {
    "prefix": "wTest",
    "body": [
      "  \"$1\",",
      "  (WidgetTester tester) async {$2},",
    "description": "Flutter widget test boilerplate"

About the author 

Matt Rešetár

Matt is an app developer with a knack for teaching others. Working as a Flutter freelancer and most importantly developer educator, he doesn't have a lot of free time 😅 Yet he still manages to squeeze in tough workouts 💪

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  • Hi,
    I am a website automation tester, I use Cypress and playwright. Currently the company gives me a website written with flutter.
    I watched your video but there are parts I don’t quite understand.
    I can only access the website through its domain for testing, I don’t have main.dart file, all I have is just get a url and login account.
    If I don’t have the .dart file, will I be able to do my testing? Please give me a guide.
    Thank you very much.

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