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Don't you hate when you open a tutorial only to find out that it's recorded without a clear prior plan? I do.

On Reso Coder, you can find structured tutorials built to convey the message. Every video tutorial is supported with a written blog post, so that you can also learn on your own pace.

I don't normally write comments in Youtube or any other social media in general, but I just wanted to thank you for your hard work and continuous effort in creating invaluable content with just the right amount of detail.Your videos have helped me since I was applying for companies with 0 knowledge of Kotlin, into writing a Kotlin app that earned me my job, beating 60 other applicants who have 3+ more years of experience over me, and now helping me with the transition to Flutter again with 0 experience and getting credited for delivering the best output at my workplace. Thank you so much.

Ahmed Elkhatib

Thanks so much for this series - and all your other content. Solid code examples and exceptional English - as a [pedantic] native speaker I find your delivery clear, concise and at times thoroughly delightful! Thanks again :-)

Matt Bracewell

Great content man... I'm new to flutter/dart and I am loving it already.

XCoded Programmer

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