Social Sharing Tutorial (Unity, Android) (Code)

This post contains all the code that’s been written in the YouTube video.

You can read it at your own pace, although watching the video prior to looking at this code example is recommended.



Matej Rešetár

Matej is an app developer with a knack for teaching others. If he's not programming, making tutorials or doing other business, he's mostly working out, listening to audiobooks and taking cold showers.

  • radhe says:

    your code working well but
    when i post on facebook not ganaracter app link
    please solve my problem


  • vijay says:

    hey I’m vijay and I’ve pasted and done exactly as shown in youtube tutorial but I got an caution error i.e : : tiled GPU pref. warning : Render Texture colour surface (480 x 854) was not cleared/discarded, doing camera.renderer/Camera.ImageEffects.
    plz help I’m stuck here hope u reply very soon, anyway thnx.

  • duchan says:

    Dik za zdrielanie 😉

  • Leandro says:


    Great tutorials as always.

    What if I wanted to share only a predefined image instead of a screen shot?
    I would like that by clicking the share button, the icon of my game would be shared with his link from the PlayStore. I tried to make some changes to your code, but it did not work. I am a beginner in C # and would be very grateful if you could answer me how.


  • Shubham Prakash says:

    very nice Thank you so much

  • Ravin says:

    is this code working for Android Oreo and above ?

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