Floating Action MENU – No 3rd Party Library – Quick Tutorial (Xamarin Android) (Code)

Floating action button aka FAB is a staple of apps using material design. What if you need the user to choose from multiple different actions? Well, you have to use a floating action menu which is basically a FAB which upon click displays multiple smaller FABs.

There are two ways in which we can add a floating action menu. Using a 3rd party library is one option, but that is not always ideal because libraries can get outdated. Much more viable option is to code it ourselves and use the latest and greatest things from the design support library made by Google which guarantees we will always be able to use bleeding edge features.


This post contains all the code that’s been written in this YouTube video.


You can also check out this GitHub repository: https://github.com/ResoCoder/FabMenuXamarinAndroid










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