Kotlin Anko Tutorial – Basics of Anko Layouts and More! – Android Library

If only Android API could be simpler. Like come on! 50 keystrokes to show a simple toast?! And the speed of the Android XML layout parsing to some actual meaningful views on the screen also takes a bit of time. Not every user of your app has the shiniest phone…

Behold Anko. Anko is an amazing Android Kotlin library which takes the pain out of Kotlin Android development. No need to deal with an API that’s perfect for Java but not so awesome for a powerful new language like Kotlin.


This post contains all the code that’s been written in this YouTube video.


You can also check out this GitHub repository: https://github.com/ResoCoder/anko-app-tutorial


build.gradle (project)


build.gradle (app)





Matt Rešetár

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  • Jason V says:

    Thanks for that tutorial. It’s very useful. The sample code above for MainActivity.kt is incorrect and is the same as MainActivityUI.kt

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