Android Kotlin: Forecast App 01 – Navigation & App Foundation – MVVM Tutorial Course

With this tutorial series you are starting a new Android development journey on which you are going to learn a ton of new things.

You are going to build a real forecast app using the MVVM architectural pattern. Let’s quickly run through what you’ll actually build. Don’t worry if you don’t understand half of the stuff I’m about to say – this is a tutorial, after all, and I will teach you everything in detail in later parts.

This app is going to do things like getting weather data from an API using Retrofit and Gson, caching this data in an SQLite database using Room library, handling asynchronous code using Kotlin’s coroutines, concentrating data operations in a Repository class, injecting dependencies using Kodein library, getting the user’s location and more.

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Gurdeep Singh

3 months ago

Hi, I want to build similar kind of weather app with notification

Matej Rešetár

3 months ago

Although this tutorial series doesn’t deal with notifications, you will still learn a lot. I also have some tutorials which deal with notifications on my channel.

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