Built Value Tutorial for Dart & Flutter

Data classes, immutability, simple serialization – this is what Dart does NOT offer right off the bat. While Dart is surely one of the better languages with regards to its simplicity, it currently lacks the support for value types.

When you compare two objects of the same type with identical contents, they will still turn out to be not equal – by default, Dart checks for referential equality, not value equality. Making a copy of an object is also painful – you have so much code to write… And serialization? Oh, even more repetitive code for you!

Well, not with built_value library. It will save you so much time by allowing you to write good quality code without all the repetition.

👉Get the code from this tutorial👈


Dart built_value snippets



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João Vicente (BRA)

1 month ago

Hi Matej, congratulations! Excellent material about ‘built_value’!

I have a question.

How could i implement a named constructor like this: “MyClass.fromMap(String data) {…}’

Look at the example below, i have a custom initialization to the field ‘userRole’:

Home.fromMap(Map data) {
this.companyCode = data[‘companyCode’];
this.companyName = data[‘companyName’];
this.companyLogo = data[‘companyLogo’];
this.userRole = UserRole.valueOf(data[‘userEmail’]); // data[‘userEmail’] returns the userRole string


Matej Rešetár

1 month ago

I think you can do something like in this: https://gist.github.com/ResoDev/b82566e26a3b5aae8daa659a0c82bd3b


4 weeks ago

Here is the intellj LiveTemplets version for the snippets:

Matej Rešetár

4 weeks ago

Thank you for posting them!

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