GPG Tutorial – Achievements and Leaderboards (Code)

This post contains all the code that’s been written in the YouTube video.

You can read it at your own pace, although watching the video prior to looking at this code example is recommended.








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  • Hello,
    I have done everything as you said and built apk and released app as alpha. But when click on Leaderboard button nothing happens.But my game is listed in “Play Games app of google” and there you can play actual game.I tried scoring some value but leaderboard didn’t added it..I don’t what went wrong.Please help me solve this issue.

  • thank you

    but i have Problam

    Assets/ManagerScript.cs(21,49): error CS0117: GPGSIds' does not contain a definition for leaderboard_leaderboard’

    Assets/UIScript.cs(28,48): error CS0117: GPGSIds' does not contain a definition for achievement_incremental_achievement’

    Assets/UIScript.cs(33,45): error CS0117: GPGSIds' does not contain a definition for achievement_standard_achievement’

    can you help me

  • anybody getting errors like: ‘GPGSIds’ does not contain a definition for ‘leaderboard_leaderboard’

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